Grace Lodge provides shelter and care for elderly persons who are needy and sick, regardless of race, religion or gender. Our comfortable and spacious facilities provide a quality living environment for residents, who are given personalised care, as well as accorded dignity, compassion and respect.


We strive to provide support, comfort and joy to our elderly, with compassion guided by wisdom. The health status of residents is monitored regularly. We customise and update nursing plans for residents, according to their individual needs, abilities and preferences. We look after residents holistically, providing meticulous care, not just for their physical needs, but also their mental, emotional and social needs, so as to facilitate gracious aging.


At Grace Lodge, we accord respect for the human dignity of every resident who faces the challenges of aging and sickness.

We care and serve beyond differentiation, so as to preserve residents’ dignity and loveliness in the aging process.

Grace Lodge encourages residents to enjoy sustained relationships and connections with the wider community.

We organise numerous events and activities to engage our residents and bring cheer to them.

We also welcome family members, friends and community groups to enrich the lives of our residents through meaningful interaction with them, as well as offer comfort and emotional support to them.